South Australian King Prawns
South Australian King Prawns

The Spencer Gulf prawn fishery is made up of 40 mostly independently owned and operated prawn trawling vessels, these vessels under MSC certification for sustainable fisheries produces approximately 2000mt of Western King prawns (Melicertus latisulcatus) every year.

Operating now under the MSC certification the fishery is one Australia’s first prawn trawling fisheries to obtain the accreditation and is most certainly recognized as sustainable economically and environmentally. The Season for catching Spencer gulf king prawns begins in November and runs through to June the following calendar year.

The fishery is very unique in that each month that the fishery is open has a limited number of fishing days allocated to the harvest program with a maximum total amount of fishing days allowed each season, normal fishing activity usually occurs in the lead up to the new moon, during and just after in 5-10day lots kind of like pulse fishing.

MG Kailis trades in Spencer Gulf King Prawns through direct supply arrangements with individual catch operators and is proud to offer this product as an alternative to our own Exmouth Gulf products.

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