Queensland Prawns
Queensland Prawns

Queensland has three main prawn fisheries.

  1. The East Coast trawl fishery running the entire length of the Queensland coast except within special exclusion zones in the Great Barrie Reef Marine Park. There is a varied range of prawn species taken in these waters including Eastern King (M. plebjus), Western King (M. latisulcatus), Red Spot King (M.longistylus), East Coast Banana (F. indicus), Endeavour (M endeavouri and M.ensis) and also Brown Tiger (P. esculentus). There is also an array of different pack types ranging from random weight bulk style trawler cartons right the way through to 5kg set weight cartons. All products are typically processed and frozen on board the vessel at the time of capture locking in the freshness.

  2. The Torres Straight trawl fishery is a unique fishery operating in a relatively small area of water. The fishery is managed by the Queensland Department of Fisheries and is operated by a small number of entitlement holders, producing mostly Brown Tiger and Endeavour prawns.

  3. The Gulf of Carpenteria fishery is managed by the Australian Fish Management Authority under the name of the Northern Prawn Trawl Fishery. This fishery extends from the Cape York Peninsula right the way across the top of the continent to the north west of Western Australia.
MG Kailis trades in all Queensland prawns. An office in Cairns, North Queensland puts us in the heart of where all the action is relative to the fishing activities. Purchases are made on an individual basis dealing directly with the producer, Our Quality Control staff assess all product to ensure that our customers receive only the finest quality.

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