MG Kailis is a leading company within the Australian seafood industry. Our operations span all facets of the industry,
from catching to production, marketing and trading.

Founded in 1962 by the late Michael George Kailis and his wife Dr Patricia, the MG Kailis Group remains
a proud family owned company.

Four core values drive everything we do.

Is our core and starting point – it is how we are
  • We cooperate and work as a team
  • We collaborate and consult by considering and valuing each other’s opinion, experience and knowledge
  • We listen, ask questions and make informed decisions
  • We follow through and give credit where credit is due
Is our energy – it motivates us and enthuses us – it is why we are here
  • We enjoy what we do and are passionate about creating positive experiences for each other and our customers
  • We are enthusiastic about innovation and possibility
  • We celebrate our success
  • We honor our history because it gives us depth
Is our focus and keeps us on track and accountable to each other and our customers – it is what we do
  • We strive for excellence by producing quality products
  • We hold each other accountable to our shared values
  • We are responsible to ourselves and the organization
  • We work safely and support each other
  • We ensure learning and development and create time and opportunities for it
Is our success and reminds of our purpose – it is why we do what we do
  • We successfully serve a noble purpose to the community and our customers
  • We are realistic about our challenges and capabilities

Current operations include a predominantly live export oriented Tropical Rock lobster business based in Cairns, Queensland, a substantial Fishing operation based in Exmouth, Western Australia and a Seafood Trading business which is a leading importer and exporter of seafood in and out of Australia.

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